Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Wow have i missed this blog-it is a good sign when you are craving blogging right?

We are having an beautiful spring day here, with no real commitments or to do's, just enjoying the day and getting centered! I think I have been missing that-the getting centered-breathing, thinking, and I find I cannot write when I cannot think. Thanking God for spring and bright sunny days right now, cause lord knows I needed for my very active children to be able to go outside and play.

I am not a winter person, and in my part of new england-winter can be very long and dark-starting in oct and ending around april-but when I sit (like I am now) on my new to us couch, (love it when it is free-exactly fits your needs and though 8 yrs old still in very good shape-and miraculously blends with the decor!) and listen to nothing but my children playing happily in the backyard, my fingers on the keyboard, the birds chirping, and my windchimes, with the doors wide open so the house is full of sunshine and spring breezes, I feel renewed and inspired.

Me and the boys a few weeks ago enjoying a new england day!

do you like my new blog look? I got the background free here:
http://www.sashwhystudio.com/free-templates/, I love it I think it looks fresh and springy!

they have about 10 free backgrounds to choose from, makes me want to do more!