Monday, March 31, 2008

100th post! and a koan

When I logged in I noticed that this was my 100th post! Cool.

Out reading blogs today-and extremely behind, when I stumbled on Her Bad Mothers post about motherhood written in the form of a koan. (She is in my sidebar under blogs I love) No I had no idea what that meant, but it intrigues me so here goes my first ever koan:

Two sets of beautiful eyes, keeping me awake, and laughing.

Not bad if I do say so myself.

I swear its just the flash, he doesn't always look so surprised!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 20, 2008

rainy day and deep thoughts

Look at this! It might be my best invention yet!

that is our indoor sandbox-otherwise known as a cookie sheet wrapped in tin foil (to try to catch spillage) filled with rice and small pasta. keeps him busy for a long time! I was doing it in one of those deep dish bucket things but he needed more room to move so i upgraded it, because "cars not fit mom" a word of caution though-you definately need to vaccuum after!
do you have any rainy day ideas? we are definately tired of being stuck in the house!

in other news...i need a new job. i don't often write about it here for a few reasons. i don't really have anything good to say, and i'm afraid to post other peoples health information. I've worked on the same floor for four years, every year it has gotten worse. More is being expected of us, paperwork and responsibilty. the stress and pressure is insane. It isn't being managed well, or rather i think our managers have pretty much had all their power taken away, the hospital is making decisions that noone is allowed any say on. all the nurses on our floor are talking about leaving, i'm not sure what i want to do next, and the community hospital i work at per diem is merging with the large hospital i have a postion at, so i don't want to make a move until it all goes through because then i could keep my seniority and benefits. i'm not making a move just yet, but i know it will be happening. i am just willing to wait until the right thing comes along, and i'm hoping the universe will send it to me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

cute ben video and potty pics!

ben is fine...he had reflux because he is a whopping 3 lbs bigger than he was at the last pede visit, so his reflux med dose wasn't enough any more, we upped the med, he is his normal happy self
as a matter of fact here is a little video of him being, well, ben that i took today...(turn on your volume)

will is doing great with potty training, we still have accidents, but he is really getting it, and the freshness seems to have fallen by the way side as well!

here is will getting comfy on the potty:

i'm gonna love to show his girlfriend that pic someday! (evil mom) he, he

i can't believe he's gonna be 3 in a few weeks!

we are all sick, i had to work this weekend and that pretty much sucked. (the working sick part)

but i am feeling much better now, trying to decide if i will go the gym tomorrow, not so sure they want kids with colds, but other parents do it right? not sure what to do.

i have been zwaggling every day and i love it. check it out it rocks.

well i guess that's all for now, no complete thoughts today!

Friday, March 14, 2008

zwaggle me this...

I love zwaggle! What is zwaggle you say? I never heard of it either until I checked out this weeks blog blast from parent bloggers network. Think ebay but you don't have to bid and you only pay shipping! Zwaggle is a community for parents to share stuff they no longer need and get things that they do. With no money trading hands. no really! You get 50 points(zoints) for signing up, you can get more for posting stuff and having people take it, or getting others to join. I "acquired" a toy for my son, it cost me a whole 7.00 to have it shipped from California, I live on the east coast for a frame of reference. I also posted a baby sling I will no longer be needing, but is almost new and someone else might love!

Everyone is looking for ways to provide for their families without over extending themselves. Everyone has kids that outgrow clothes, or toys, or baby gear. Why not share it with others instead of filling the landfill? I am so excited about this idea that I immediately invited a bunch of my friends and family as well as called them and explained it. I'm hooked!

I have always been a big fan of passing things on that we no longer need, as a matter of fact I've been known to hang on to things because no one we knew had any use for them, and I didn't want to just throw them out.

I hope this is a first step for my family (and maybe yours) to become more conscious of our enviorment and our impact on it, as well as a great way for us to make a change for the better!
want to join zwaggle? here is the link:

and as always you can check out the parents bloggers network here:


tired, just plain old tired! for the last two nights ben has been up every two hours crying. the night before last i thought it was teething, but last night he was medicated and stil did it. it's all very vague, sometimes he's smiley, but just not his usual behavior. i'm going to get him into the pede today to get his ears checked, but i am just cranky and tired. and over it. and feeling bad for will, because i have a short fuse.

don't you just love sick days?

i'll let you know what the pede says!

Monday, March 10, 2008


i'm still here, i promise! this week has just been busy, busy, busy. i haven't even had much time to read my favorite blogs, never mind write a blog post!

so i really want to go to bed, i worked today and i'm tired! here's a little will story:

yesterday i put him in his crib for nap time, about 20 mins later i hear him yelling for me. i go uppy stairs ( in will speak) and find my son standing up in his crib, he puts his arms out palms up and says "how do i get out of here?" i said, you don't get out of here it's nap time! he says " no i wanna pay toyz" (play toys)
oh yeah and he told a guy we didn't know the other day that he needed to be patient! good thing this 6 foot man didn't notive the three foot kid telling him this!
and potty training is going very well, i worked 12 hours today and he was home with my sister and her little girl, he still didn't have any accidents! today was the third day in a row he has done this well so cross your fingers for me!
alright i'm going to bed maybe a real post tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

will moments

ok so just a few quick thoughts before bed!

today was a voting day for us, so i decided to take will with me so he could experience it. trying to explain voting to a two year old was interesting-i basically told him that we lived in a country, that a country was like a family and that we were going to say who we wanted to be in charge.
that the person in charge was the president-then i made him say president. when we pulled up he said-this where vote be? when it was my turn to vote i picked him up and showed him what i was doing, i filled in my little arrow, and said see that was my vote. He said-ok, my turn! bless his little patriotic heart! (no he didn't get to vote) he got a sticker that says i voted and he has told everyone that he voted.

after voting we went to the grocery store, in the produce section i said ok lets get the baby carrots we like. he got a very concerned look on his face and said "mom i need the big boy carrots!" i was laughing out loud at that one.

oh and potty training has not been going well but yesterday he did poopies on the potty!!! his daddy has been promising him a big truck if he did it, so last night we went out the the local huge toy store and picked one out, he is sleeping with it as i write this. no poopies on the potty today day at a time right?

ok time for bed and ice cream!