Wednesday, September 23, 2009

overheard in my living room

In the land of boys, 4 is a whole new world.

Just overheard in my living room:

My son burps loudly, and thinks he is hysterical, but that is followed by loudly passing gas. once he collects himself enough to speak, he looks at me and says...."When I looked at you after I pooped (our word for fart-cause really, not a cute word when coming from small children) your face-that was incredible!" me-"when did you learn to use the word incredible?, who taught you that? him- "me?"

That was followed by removing the cushions from the couch, when I said, "Hey! What are you doing!" he said "We want to jump like 2 little monkeys." I said, "What happened to the little monkeys that jumped on the bed?" he says matter of factly-"bumped their heads." i asked how he missed the point of that story-it was supposed to tell kids if they jumped on things they were going to bump their heads, he laughed, while still removing cushions...

After watching me get him a lollipop the other day "ahhhh, now I know where you keep them."

Four-cracks me up, when it isn't whining at me!