Monday, December 24, 2007

i should so not be blogging right now!

ok merry christmas eve to all who celebrate it!
just some thoughts i wanted to share:

1) i heard at work this weekend that a prison guard, a float nurse and a cna were caught in a compromising position (sounds like three day) i don't know if i believe it or not but there were about 4 doctors, 4 nurses, a secretary, several cna's in on this discussion so true or not, people are talking!

2) i went into a patients room to fill a basin for his bed bath, imagine my surprise when the water came out bright yellow!

3) when i came home from work on saturday my son said hey mom come see! and then lead me to the back of the christmas tree where he pointed to a box and said "computer!" apparently my husband got me that printer i wanted! oh and don't wrap gifts in front of will!

ok sorry for the short post but i have to finish cleaning the house for the onslaught of toys that is coming, i have everyone bathed, clothes ironed, presents and diaper bag packed and by the door, my inlaws are picking up me and the kids in two hours to go to his aunts house for christmas eve(dave is meeting us there). tomorrow we have santa presents, then to the in-laws for breakfast and gifts with them, then to my brothers for dinner and gifts for my family.

hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

where i have been-pictures below!

what a crazy couple of days! saturday we had family pictures taken, a christmas card made, and ben's three month picture taken in the morning, then we went to a first birthday party in the afternoon. (i'll post some pictures)

sunday my in-laws offered to take the kids and we went christmas shopping. remember how i said will was done? yeah i was wrong. we only needed stockings and stocking stuffers for the boys well that turned into a play kitchen-(hey it's small and only 40.00) stocking stuffers, geo-trax train tracks and a new remote control see where this is going. to be honest i kind of can't remember everything he is getting at this point, but i have a small voice in the back of my head saying TOO MUCH! oh's just too much fun to be santa. and maybe a little expensive. we came home, wrapped the gifts for other people and cleaned the house.

on monday i worked, it started out ok, but quickly got really busy, i had a patient that was set to be discharged but had several things go wrong, had complicated drips started and needed to be rushed to CT. another patient had an IVC filter placed, started on another complicated drip and needed blood. it was insanely busy, i got out late. dave was not happy.

today i have some chores to do, we have a ton of wrapping for the boys and some for family.

will says "I wuv 'no" -direct quote

look what ben can do!

ben says "i'm the man!"-or at least that's what i think he says!

our christmas card-a little fuzzy but it's a picture of a picture!

Friday, December 14, 2007

more toy recall info-good links!

I use an msn homepage when I log into my computer. Today there was an article with a few helpful links for toy recall info. - this a a list of toy recalls 2006-2007 - this is an article explaining how toy recalls happen

this is a link for a free email alert system through the CPSC(th U.S. consumer product safety commission)

alright I have chores to do! i'll try for a real post later!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

mystery solved!

well now i know what happened to my spaces blog! i sent an email to customer support and i finally got a reply(i put the stars in to prevent google searches of this nature from finding me here)

Hello Momali,
Thank you for writing to Windows Live Spaces Customer Support.
We understand that you are having issues accessing your Space, RNmom. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
We have found your Space to be in violation of the MSN Code of Conduct for containing images involving a child's/children's exp*sure of g*nitalia/b*ttocks. We have given you ample time to remove the inappr*priate materials but this was not met within the duration given.
Since the violation is serious, we were forced to close down your space. Please note that in order to protect min*rs from exploitation by unscrupulous individuals, we are now restricting our users from posting fully and partially n*de pictures of babies and children, whether the nature of the photo is p*rn*graphic or not. Also, please note that there is no Ad*lt rating for Windows Live Spaces. Posting of illeg*l materials (ex. profane messages; p*rnogr*phic, s*xually sugg*stive, or pr*v*cative images) is not allowed in our service, even if your Space settings is set to Private or Messenger.
We encourage you to review the Code of Conduct by visiting this link:
Windows Live Spaces has comprehensive online help available to you. For more information, click the "Help" button at the top of any Spaces page.
We appreciate your continued support as we strive to provide you with the highest quality service available. Thank you for using Windows Live Spaces.

Windows Live Spaces Customer Support

well i didn't think i posted any p*rnOgraphic pictures of my children, i can't even think of any of bums or n*de pics, but i sent back an email telling them i would be happy to remove anything they wanted-if i had access to my blog. i'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

ben coo's

a little ben video for you!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The Year of the Recall-how can we fix this?

There are several blogs I read daily, and mom-101 is one of my favorites. this is a smart mom with a great sense of humor. I was reading this post:

Mom-101: The Year of the Recall: Got questions? You're going to get answers.

this extremely well written post is talking yet again about all of the recalls in children's toys. Except this time she has found someone who is willing to answer questions from parents, someone from the toy industry association who handles public relations.

At this point there are toys in my home that are on recall lists but not bought during the specified time frames, one of them a Diego jeep that my son plays with almost daily if not several times a day.

When I followed the Illinois link in mom 101 posts I found a recall list I had not seen before. I also found a set of rakes, shovels and brooms sold at Joann stores that I bought for my son for Easter so he could help with yard work. As a matter of fact I handed the rake to my son two weeks ago when we were out raking leaves, and I can see it lying in the middle of my back yard from my kitchen window.

I feel that toys before the recalls this year probably where affected, just not tested. But since the recalls are specific to the paint color on a part of toy ( a red nose for instance) I don't want to take away toys my son loves without knowing. So i have a few questions, how do we dispose of toys that are affected?, Will there be any testing of toys sold in the last few years? Do I assume my toys are safe or just throw them out? How can I trust any toys coming into my home, and how do you purchase gifts for other peoples children?

i guess the bigger picture is how do we know if toys we have are safe and how do we make this stop? environmental lead exposure is a big enough problem(older homes, peeling paint etc.) when it isn't marketed directly to children in the form of their favorite television characters.

Monday, December 3, 2007

oh crap!

so how exactly did three months go by? i go back to work on wednesday, as in the day after tomorrow! that means i have about a day and a half to catch up on a lot of things i want done around here!
here is my list
1) laundry-wash fold and put away
i'm looking at three loads of clean laundry, a load in the washer, a load in the dryer and probably another three to go
2) dishes-a clean load in dishwasher and a few things to go in-not bad
3) clean downstairs bathroom-actually not that bad
4) clean out dining room-a much bigger job than you would think
5) clean upstairs bathroom, change shower curtain, wash all surfaces
6) clean wills room-change crib sheet, put away toys
7) clean my room-just some picking up and a vaccuum
8) vaccuum all of upstairs
9) vaccuum all of downstairs

knowing me, it will not all get done, but i can try!

yes i'm a little nervous about going back but not on the childcare front or that i'm leaving them for so long( 12 hr shifts) i'm worried about breastfeeding and milk supply, and just the logistics of getting into a new routine. i'll let you know how it goes!