Thursday, January 21, 2010

the strength of women

I have a friend, who is struggling with her health, and now her marriage is over, with no more than a flip comment from a selfish man. She faces surgery, tomorrow, knowing her husband will be moving out by the middle of next week.

I have a friend, who is living a shell of a marriage, because she needs her living situation and wants to provide some stability for her children.

I have a friend who has realized that something about her youngest child is different, and is trying to find out what he needs and get him appropriate services, while working against her husbands issue of his child being less than perfect.

I have a friend who is at a crossroads in her marriage, and about to uproot their lives to get in a place where they can put it all back together.

I have a friend who is tired of being a doormat. Her family of origin expects she will just do for them, without bothering to ask her opinion. She is at that place where she is deciding what kind of woman she will be and making decisions that are moving her away from how she was raised.

It seems to me that woman as a whole carry these things. We just get up everyday, pull on our big girl panties and do. We do whatever needs to be done, we drink more coffee, we get less sleep, we eat too much chocolate. Sometimes it sucks to be a girl.

The thing is though...women rock. We are dynamic, changing, we absorb what comes at us and grow. We are every day getting stronger. What makes women special? Men don't have this ability. The man you marry, is the man you will have. They are human they grow and learn. They are not women. I think the reason for this is simple. We have each other.

When women talk, we are not just chatting, we are sharing our life experiences. I know who to call when my son has hit a stage I just cannot fathom, I know who to call when I'm worried about my marriage, I know who to call when I need a laugh, I know who to call when I need to vent, I know who to call when I need to go out and have fun. When any of these women need me, I drop everything and go, as they do for me.

My friends are from very different walks of life, different ages, different upbringings, different jobs. Each of them has taught me something, and I have passed on what I know. This is the power of women.

I would be screwed without them.


Life As I Know It said...

well said. we DO rock. and our social connections give us strength. where would we be without eachother?

ALI said...

thank you! I really liked this post, but I thought it had not been seen! Women hold this world together, and keep it moving in the right direction, because we have each other. (we just let men think they have something to do with it.)

Christine said...

What a great post. So very true - all of it! (headed over from Life...because I'm a comment whore, too)

ALI said...

christine, thanks so much for the comment, I would love to come leave you one, but when I click your name it doesn't bring me to your blog!! leave me the link and I would be happy to.

ALI said...
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Kim said...

Ali- Great post! It is so true - AND, I don't take the time to appreciate other wonderful women or myself nearly enough! Wonderful reminder - Thanks! This is the first time I've been to your blog...I'll be back :) -Kim

Haley-O said...

Awww... Hugs! Women definitely ROCK and, as you showed, ARE rocks.... xoxo

ALI said...

Thank you Haley-so true, we are rocks.

ALI said...

Thank you Haley-so true, we are rocks.