Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For the past week I have been home with sick kids. At first it was my oldest, while my younger guy was ok. On one of those nights, my bigger boy feel asleep early, which left me cuddling with just Ben. When you have more than one kid, on those rare times when you have just one to give your undivided attention to you take full advantage of it.  I sometimes feel guilty that my younger son has never known what is like to have two parents giving him full attention all the time. It does not hurt that he adores his big brother, which is something Will never had, so I suppose it balances.
So we are cuddling, then we get a little silly, and this happens: (Be warned, these are not good pictures of me. Thanks to my blackberry being ever-present, I was able to capture something I never would have otherwise.)

These pictures are far more real than what I usually post on the internet, no nice cropping or even cleavage covering(that last one). I love them, simply because they capture what was a very sweet moment between me and my littlest guy. That right there is what my life is about.


Frederico said...

He sure looks like a snuggler!

Heather said...

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