Friday, September 28, 2007

i lost my blog!

i lost my blog!!! no-i have no idea how it happened, i went to log in to myspace, i got a message telling me that my blog either doesn't exist or the owner has set it to private, i'm the owner, i didn't set it to private. i can even log in, but it is just gone! i'm extremely frustrated, i hope it comes back as spontaneously as it left, it has a year and a half worth of posts and pics! if anyone has heard of this or knows how to fix it let me know!

for now this is my home, i'm afraid to start another myspace and have it disappear again!

for anyone who wants to know, ben is two weeks old now, he lost his umbilical cord! will is acting up a little and has gotten really cuddly the last day or two, but i would have to say he is adjusting well.

ok thats all for now, i hope to play with this more this weekend-if i find enough quite time!

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