Tuesday, October 2, 2007


i'm having a rough day, and as much as i would like to just type it all out and send it into cyberspace-i can't. i'm upset with a member of my family, that i had been relying on. for help during the day with the boys, for company that i was looking forward too...i don't need someone here during the day, it was just nice to know someone was coming. for their own reasons they cannot come during the day, and i'm probably hormonal but it hit me hard, more because it happened with no warning, i was waiting for them to show up today and they just didn't, didn't call either, when i finally got a hold of them they said " you don't need me do you", and no i don't need someone to help me watch my kids or do housework, so that is what i said "no we are fine. " and we are fine.

stuff like this has happened with this same person my whole life, and it is just disappointing, and i probably read into it and take it a little to personally, and i never have before, but now i am comparing what this person does for me vs what they do for others in the family....

the whole thing is just depressing the hell out of me...and like i said it is probably just the hormones and lack of sleep talking but this is where i am today.

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