Thursday, April 17, 2008

big boy bed

i'm not sure how or when or why my house has been so busy but lord almighty it doesn't stop! we have a constant run of kids in and out, places to go people to see, kids to have sleep over, warm spring days to play outside, piles and piles of underwear and pants to pee through because we are far to busy playing to stop and go potty.

we got our new bed a week after the rest of the furniture so we have it all and i love it. will adjusted amazingly well to his big boy bed, a little too well actually...

since he was a few day old baby i have rocked him to sleep, or at least to sleepy, i have sang to him told him stories, joked around with him, and "cuddle-cuddled" i have put my nose into his golden curls and inhaled him, i have tried to memorize what he feels like in my arms.

this little boy will be three on saturday, and of course i have no idea how three years have gone by so quickly, or how much our ( my husband an i) lives have changed in three short years. from a married couple to parents of two.

but back to my point, for the last three nights my not quite three year old has stood up and told his daddy "i'm going upstairs to my big boy bed myshelf" and put himself to bed. at first we thought he was kidding, until he fell asleep without even saying goodnight to us. so now when he suddenly just gets up and goes upstairs we go up after him to at least kiss him goodnight.

did i mention he's not even three?! i thought i had more time to cuddle him and rock him! my girlfriend tells me this is just a phase and soon enough we will be wishing he would just go to bed, but i'm freaking out!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Aw, so quickly the time passes. I think your friend is probably right, my son has done that about 10 nights total. Ever since we have to do the whole bedtime routine again, all the stories, cuddles, kisses, lullabies...

Glad life is happy if busy at your house.