Tuesday, April 22, 2008

our week in pictures!

We have been busy!!! We got two new bedroom sets which required tearing apart two bedrooms, I'm still not sure where exactly most of my clothes are but they are in random baskets in what will be Ben's room. On tuesday we had a little boy sleep over, and he stayed most of wednesday, thursday we went to the zoo with friends. I worked on friday then did all the shopping for Will's birthday and party, Will turned three on saturday, his party was sunday,(he had a great time running around the yard with his cousins and little friends) I worked on monday.

But today was amazing, I went to gym and did a great hour with my trainer, we all took a very needed 2 hour nap this afternoon, daddy came home, we grilled, ate on the deck, played in the backyard with the boys, did baths and just finished tucking them into their beds in matching pj's. A perfect day, my favorite kind of day, just us enjoying the warm weather and our little family.

here are some pictures from our week:

playing in a cardboard box fort while mommy and daddy to house stuff:

at the zoo with will and his little friend lucy:

opening presents the morning of his birthday, ben loved the paper!

birthday decorations! diego style!

will pulling on the diego pinyata

and tucking away his candy
the diego cake i made myself (thank you nick jr.com)

outside playing with mommy and daddy tonight

that's my week in pics, i will post pictures of the new furniture soon!

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