Thursday, November 13, 2008

a great man

I was reading motherbumpers blog post-(I met her at BlogHer Boston and I think she rocks!)

and she was doing a meme I just had to do. This one:

So then I got curious just what is my sixth picture in my sixth file?

This one:

That man is my step dad, he came into our lives after a really bad point in my families history, and married a woman with three kids in junior high and younger. We were truly broken and just surviving at that point, he came into our family and made us whole again. He is holding Ben who is about 2 months old in this picture, it was thanksgiving, about 6pm, it was dark out.

I cannot put in words how much this man means to me. He was willing to take on a broken family, he was willing to go through three kids in their teenage years. He was willing to teach me to drive which was no small feat my friends, (I may have ran down a fence post, stalled the car a half million times, almost got us killed going too slow on the highway, and possibly ran a stop sign) He takes care of my mother, who most of the time is a very independent person and wants no help from anyone, but has a chronic condition that has caused her to need taking care of every so often, and she falls and sprains things a lot. He rarely loses his temper, he always does the right thing even if it is the hard thing. I learned a lot from this man, and I hope my kids, his grandkids do too.


motherbumper said...

oh my goodness Ali, you made me tear up with this one. Thanks girlfriend, you rock too :)

I'm loving this meme.

Jeankfl said...

Great post, Ali! What a wonderful man! More need to get written about, so girls nowadays know they're out there!
I started following you on Twitter!! I'm still learning it!

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

What a terribly beautiful tribute Ali! So wonderful.