Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hope for 2009

Most new years for me start with a feeling of promise. The hope for good things to come, for my kids to grow and be well, for our families to be safe. This year is different. I'm worried about our economy, and the financial well being of our friends and families.

I have a sister who is a newly single mother to a two year old girl. I have a mother in law who was recently laid off from a position she held for almost 30 years. I have a husband and two brothers in the construction industry, at a time when people are not taking or getting loans to build houses or for home improvement. I'm worried.

I for one have started using coupons almost exclusively, and I'm doing my best to teach others what I have learned. I also came across a program called Angel Food Ministries that is run through a group of churches that allows you to purchase food at much reduced costs. They buy in bulk like a food warehouse would but the overhead is very low because it runs on volunteer work. Go here and put in your zipcode to find if there is a host site near you, the prices will shock you!

I guess what I am doing then is learning how to save money on what my family needs, and showing others how to do it. I strongly believe in donating uneeded items, and if we don't have money to give-and lots of times we don't-we try to give time instead.

Everyone I know is in the same boat, we are living on what we make, and doing the best we can. I think we need to be aware of our neighbors, extend a hand where needed, and share anything we are doing to get by. I learned early that if we stick together we can get through anything, and we as a nation need to.

I have hope for 2009, it is the hope that maybe hard times will teach us a lesson we used to know. What the word community means, where the phrase' it takes a village to raise a child' came from. Helping someone without being asked, and having the ability to accept that help, so maybe you will do the same for someone else. Maybe we will come out of this a better country.

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