Wednesday, January 7, 2009

this is the job i wanted part 2

double pink eye in a 3yr old who also has double ear infections and freaks out when he needs his meds sucks

pink eye in his little brother with a doctors appt in an hour on wet, icy, slushy day sucks worse!

in other news-kids are in very high spirits and making me just as crazy as usual-wouldn't know they were sick if it wasn't for the leaky eyes and frequent meds!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetheart,
Geeze Louise, Ali, reading your blog (I have been up half the night with 'menopauseal symptoms')reminds me of how in the trenches I felt. You are doing a fabulous job as you always do when you set your sites on something - nothing ever gets completely done until your kids are in their 30's; and you shouldn't worry so much. Enjoy your life NOW, cause what the hell? every day is YOUR life... what are you waiting for? Just do it, how YOU want to. I know you best of all, and you are awesome - Mom oooxxx