Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some stuff

I'm avoiding my housework today. My sister in law volunteered my house for a playdate between my sons and her neice on her husbands side. They are nice people but I have a headcold, and my house is trashed. I have fully medicated myself and feel better than sludge, but really dont want to clean-its ok though, i have about 2 hours left. I'm most effective when I'm running behind!

I ditched my dentist yesteday. I have been going to this practice since I lived at home with my parents. For years now I have been getting nothing but attitude from them. I thought it was me, but when I talked to my husband he said the same thing. We both have appts with a new dentist that came highly referred. Someone else can bill my dental coverage, why did I wait so long to switch?

Ben is talking! One word here or there, but they are real words. We are very excited, so much better than whine and point-which is his primary form of communication.

Will is 4 in about 3 weeks. We have seen so much more maturity from him lately. He is playing with Ben so nicely and trying to take care of him more.
-Yeah as I typed that I looked up to watch him slap Ben on the head. Which brings me to my next point, we have been having A LOT of time outs. You know the half hour long, when you settle down you can get up variety? fun, fun.

Will this week has started to refuse naps-oh he will go to bed, but then he just fools around for a while and comes back down. So he is also super cranky, thus more time outs. Can't make him sleep, I can put him back to bed over and over, but I can't make him close his eyes and sleep. No matter how badly he needs it. so yesterday was day 5 of no nap-He said he was tired just now, I tucked him into my bed, we shall see what happens.

Due to 5 days in a row of no nap-and my having to work tomorrow, and him being extra cranky-i kept him home from preschool today, I do feel a little guilty about it, but I think it is in his best interests to have a quiet day today so maybe he will behave better for my mom tomorrow. The last time went badly.

yesterday we had a long time out cause he would not help me clean up the toys-he never has helped me, but again-almost 4. His trick is to refuse to help, which buys him a time out, and then he tantrums. In the meantime I've done all the cleaning. I'm so on to him. So yesterday I left the mess, and informed him he was staying in time out until he was ready to help. It worked. and he did a good job. But at one point when he was by himself I heard him mutter to himself in a cranky voice "Fider fighters don't pick up their toys, and I'm a fider fighter." I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud-that is a classic William moment!

That is about it for now!

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