Monday, December 24, 2007

i should so not be blogging right now!

ok merry christmas eve to all who celebrate it!
just some thoughts i wanted to share:

1) i heard at work this weekend that a prison guard, a float nurse and a cna were caught in a compromising position (sounds like three day) i don't know if i believe it or not but there were about 4 doctors, 4 nurses, a secretary, several cna's in on this discussion so true or not, people are talking!

2) i went into a patients room to fill a basin for his bed bath, imagine my surprise when the water came out bright yellow!

3) when i came home from work on saturday my son said hey mom come see! and then lead me to the back of the christmas tree where he pointed to a box and said "computer!" apparently my husband got me that printer i wanted! oh and don't wrap gifts in front of will!

ok sorry for the short post but i have to finish cleaning the house for the onslaught of toys that is coming, i have everyone bathed, clothes ironed, presents and diaper bag packed and by the door, my inlaws are picking up me and the kids in two hours to go to his aunts house for christmas eve(dave is meeting us there). tomorrow we have santa presents, then to the in-laws for breakfast and gifts with them, then to my brothers for dinner and gifts for my family.

hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

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jeankfl said...

Hi Ali! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and the boys had a magical time. We just did Christmas today, due to travel problems... So, we're just stretching it out! Wishing you the very best New Year!