Tuesday, December 18, 2007

where i have been-pictures below!

what a crazy couple of days! saturday we had family pictures taken, a christmas card made, and ben's three month picture taken in the morning, then we went to a first birthday party in the afternoon. (i'll post some pictures)

sunday my in-laws offered to take the kids and we went christmas shopping. remember how i said will was done? yeah i was wrong. we only needed stockings and stocking stuffers for the boys well that turned into a play kitchen-(hey it's small and only 40.00) stocking stuffers, geo-trax train tracks and a new remote control train...you see where this is going. to be honest i kind of can't remember everything he is getting at this point, but i have a small voice in the back of my head saying TOO MUCH! oh well...it's just too much fun to be santa. and maybe a little expensive. we came home, wrapped the gifts for other people and cleaned the house.

on monday i worked, it started out ok, but quickly got really busy, i had a patient that was set to be discharged but had several things go wrong, had complicated drips started and needed to be rushed to CT. another patient had an IVC filter placed, started on another complicated drip and needed blood. it was insanely busy, i got out late. dave was not happy.

today i have some chores to do, we have a ton of wrapping for the boys and some for family.

will says "I wuv 'no" -direct quote

look what ben can do!

ben says "i'm the man!"-or at least that's what i think he says!

our christmas card-a little fuzzy but it's a picture of a picture!

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Jeankfl said...

How cute! Ben looks kind of like "what's happenin'!" Hope you're ready for Christmas, and you all have a wonderful one.