Monday, March 17, 2008

cute ben video and potty pics!

ben is fine...he had reflux because he is a whopping 3 lbs bigger than he was at the last pede visit, so his reflux med dose wasn't enough any more, we upped the med, he is his normal happy self
as a matter of fact here is a little video of him being, well, ben that i took today...(turn on your volume)

will is doing great with potty training, we still have accidents, but he is really getting it, and the freshness seems to have fallen by the way side as well!

here is will getting comfy on the potty:

i'm gonna love to show his girlfriend that pic someday! (evil mom) he, he

i can't believe he's gonna be 3 in a few weeks!

we are all sick, i had to work this weekend and that pretty much sucked. (the working sick part)

but i am feeling much better now, trying to decide if i will go the gym tomorrow, not so sure they want kids with colds, but other parents do it right? not sure what to do.

i have been zwaggling every day and i love it. check it out it rocks.

well i guess that's all for now, no complete thoughts today!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Your kids are so beautiful, look at those chubby, baby cheeks. Glad the potty-training is progressing, it can definitely be a pain.