Monday, March 10, 2008


i'm still here, i promise! this week has just been busy, busy, busy. i haven't even had much time to read my favorite blogs, never mind write a blog post!

so i really want to go to bed, i worked today and i'm tired! here's a little will story:

yesterday i put him in his crib for nap time, about 20 mins later i hear him yelling for me. i go uppy stairs ( in will speak) and find my son standing up in his crib, he puts his arms out palms up and says "how do i get out of here?" i said, you don't get out of here it's nap time! he says " no i wanna pay toyz" (play toys)
oh yeah and he told a guy we didn't know the other day that he needed to be patient! good thing this 6 foot man didn't notive the three foot kid telling him this!
and potty training is going very well, i worked 12 hours today and he was home with my sister and her little girl, he still didn't have any accidents! today was the third day in a row he has done this well so cross your fingers for me!
alright i'm going to bed maybe a real post tomorrow!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Cutie boy! Yay on the potty training, good for him!
Oh! I got my book today, thanks so much! I am gonna snap a photo of my littles reading it and put it up on my blog with another thank you.