Saturday, September 6, 2008

I found my camera!

I found my camera! Just in time to, cause tomorrow is Ben's 1st birthday party, and monday is Will's first day at school! I'm thinking I'm going to want pictures.

Generally when we have a party my husband and I stay up insanely late the night before getting things in order, fight a lot, and run around like idiots. Tonight though? yeah we are both lounging on the couch, I mean sunk back into the pillows feet on the coffee table lounging. We still have things to do, but the house really isn't that bad, and neither of us has had much sleep, so we begged my in-laws, and they will take the kids tomorrow early and keep 'em so we can just get stuff done without stopping 30 million times. As I type this my husband is falling asleep next to me. Like fell asleep with his arm up and is lowering it really slowly while he falls asleep.

Since I found my camera, I'd thought I'd share some ben stuff with you!

He crawls:

And today, he stands:

sorry it's sideways, I keep forgetting that when I'm taking a video, I need to pan out, not flip the camera like a picture.

ok that's it, time for mindless entertainment!

I'll post birthday pics soon, and school pics soon!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yay! so glad you found it!
Happy Birthday sweet Ben, he is growing so much!
Have a wonderful day, can't wait to see all the photos. Hope the first day of school goes awesome as well.

CONNIE said...

I'm glad you found your camera...great timing! Looking forward to see b-day pics!