Thursday, October 2, 2008

its kidman....

Have I ever mentioned that Will talks a lot? I mean this kid always has something to say, loudly! It's especially fun when you are trying to read, think, blog, get his brother to sleep, get him to sleep, need to go to bed yourself.

So when my husband did this this morning right before he walked out the front door into the darkness that is morning around here, (we never get up after the sun is up) ( I know you're jealous) it was funny.

Will and Dave were having a particularly rough goodby, as in rough housing.
Will had climbed onto Daves back and Dave bent down and grabbed Ben, held him in front of him and said "I am Kidman! Waving Ben a little he said "this one will spit up on you or pee on you", and indicating Will on his back, "this one will talk you to death!"

i laughed really hard, because you know he could talk you to death!

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