Wednesday, October 29, 2008

when you try to get a man to do a womans job..

Every night around here we have a routine, we have supper, we clean it up, we get the kids ready for bed. At bedtime, we fill a bottle with warm milk, a sippy cup with chocolate milk, and all the male people of the house go upstairs to mommy's bed. (Funny that I'm never in it)

Tonight Dave has been pretty much useless, he was trying to program a ton of numbers into his new phone, but that left me to do everything else. Luckily I didn't have to cook tonight, dinner at the in-laws! We gave them baths there, put pj's on came home and it was time, these boys needed to go to bed, but daddy wasn't really moving. I did what I always do, the thing that needs to be done. So I grabbed the kids and headed upstairs, yelling back to him, make sure you fill another bottle for Ben for later, make sure the dog has food and water, bring up Ben's medicine, and let the dog out.

I brought the kids up and got them settled, time is going by but I'm not hearing any moving around down there, I go to the top of the stairs and yell down. "Don't fall asleep on the couch!"
I hear sheepish laughter. I said "I don't hear any moving around down there!" He said "oh there is moving. " I said "Your chest going up and down and your eyes closed doesn't count!" More sheepish laughing, "I guess there isn't much moving then" I told him to either get up and come upstairs so I could do it, or get up and do it, he said he was coming up, he was tired.

That really doesn't upset me, you see, every night he takes the kids up and I have a few minutes of quiet that I desperately need while I get the bedtime stuff done. He needs it too, this is his few minutes of cuddle time with the boys, the time he can count on everyday, since he is up and gone so early. It works. I guess we all fall into a routine that works, as long as you can keep your husband from falling asleep before the kids!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

I love hubby bathing and putting the kids to bed. It rocks!