Monday, October 13, 2008

Time for a give away!

Thanks to blogher Boston, I have some goodies to give away-apparently when you show up at the end of the day people who give away swag will be happy to give you whatever is left on their table-note to self-go late!

There are a few things I want to give away, but we are starting with something every new mom needs. Who would like to win a playtex bottle?

Playtex was very involved in blogher boston, going so far as to have conversations with blogging moms and record them to post on blogher's website, as well as their own. You can check those out here:

Here is what everyone wants to know about these bottles:

They are BPA-free, and they are from the VentAire Advanced system. These bottles let air in through a micro-channel vent at the bottom of the bottle, reducing air mixing with the milk or formula baby is drinking. This is proven to reduce gas and colic. With a refluxy baby of my own I know how important that is.

Another nice feature is the angled bottle design. This allows for semi-upright feeding recommended by pedetricians to help reduce ear infections.

There is a removable top and bottom to easy cleaning.

I have two bottles to give away.

A wide bottle/nipple for babies switching between breast and bottle-even breastfed babies need a bottle sometimes, or more specifically moms need a break or need to work!

A standard bottle/nipple.

If you would like a chance to win either of these bottles just leave me a comment specifying which one you would like, I will do a random drawing and pick one winner for each.
If you have used these bottles feel free to leave a note in the comments about how well they work, or your experience with them!

This contest will be open until Sunday October 19th, one week from today.

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Amelia Sprout said...

Oooo... The Ventairs went BPA free now? Really? They swear? cool!