Friday, July 17, 2009

can't touch this!

Finishing day 7 of single parenthood....hopefully to be ended sometime this weekend. Dave is on an extended side job and has only been here to sleep and shower lately. So I have had to get creative with filling the time-thanking god this was wills first camp week, and also beautiful weather so they could play outside!! Also thanking god that he is not in camp next week, cause man am I tired of all this running around. Maybe i should just homeschool....I cant imagine how bad this will stink when I have to take one to preschool and the other to school school. ugh, just ugh. Wait no-that would never work, he doesnt listen to me now!

So while I look the fact that I have to work the weekend and somehow get this place clean and bills paid tonight-a follow up to that little video in my last post

This song came on as a commercial, that I had to rewind a few times since they liked it so much.
My boys-they like the music!

also remember this?

here is bens version:

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