Monday, July 27, 2009

poor spelling and punctuation, but at least I posted something!

I am reading posts from all over the blog-o-sphere, about blogher, and for the third year I am shoving aside feelings of just plain old disappointed that I missed it. For the third year in a row, I am telling myself that maybe next year I will be able to attend-it does not hurt at all that it looks like it is supposed to be in new york which is a very short flight, a train ride, or a car trip away. maybe next year, the boys will be a little older, maybe I will be able to pull it off!

Also sick with some god awful virus, so officially doing as little as possible today, but the boys have been really good all day-have either been chilling on the couch or the deck while they played. honestly for a sick mom day this wasn't so bad. now if i could only get rid of the killer headache and bodyaches!

I am amazed with my boys lately, Will is growing into a very kind boy who takes good care of his brother-and is getting much better at following direction, although he is fresh-working on it, working on it. Ben is freaking me out how smart he is. he is now speaking in little two or three word sentences. he seems to know things without being told or shown. and if shown something once, he knows how to do it. so different than his worry-wart older brother who needs to be shown things hand over hand or he just wanders off and stops paying attention.

We did a long awaited home improvement project this weekend, we were given some stools for our island that were sturdy if ugly.
Four years later we finally did something about it!



.... and yes my house is always messy! Did you spot the flea market purse hanging on the chair? love that bag-cheap too! So yes we got rid of the god awful brown fabric that absorbed everything spilled on it, and put on some nice wipeable neutral vinyl-that little project took most of a day sanding, pulling staples, painting, recovering, but we now have three very nice looking stools!

Ok time to cook! Supper apparently does not make itself, damn.

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DavidShag said...

Nice job on the chairs. I first somehow read 'old flea purse' and was thinking it was something people used when they had pets in the house. You know, I was an oldest (but of 9, not 2) and I was almost an obsessive worrier - wonder if it comes with the territory (although I am sure I pushed the envelope; I usually do.) People have told me I am kind (sometimes - they also say I have an abrasive tongue) I wonder if birth order has built-in qualities.
Anyway lucky mom - lucky kids - they sound pretty good.