Thursday, July 30, 2009

shred me (or i shred myself)

So I have decided to become a shred-head. The thing is people have been commenting on my weight loss lately, and I haven't been doing anything in particular, just smaller portions, less snacks, more coffee. Honestly that is it. What has been bothering me though is my butt, back, legs have gotten noticeably smaller, my jaw line has more definition, but this two c-section stomach, not going anywhere anytime soon. I can pull on some of my old size 16 jeans, but zipping and buttoning not so much an option even if they look great on my butt. I'm also really short 4' 11" so a little weight ends up making a big difference in sizes. (since you know it only has so many places to go!) People are usually surprised when they hear how much I weigh, and a few poor people have tried to pick me up just to be surprised how heavy I am.

And no, I'm not telling you! Or taking before and after pics thanks!

So I saw the shredhead blog before, and read a few things and saw that involved lots of sweating and pain, things I have avoided most of my life. I thought how admirable it was for these people to do this for themselves, but not for me thanks. I saw a tweet about starting a new group in august and it just seemed right, and I could have a buddy? I so need a buddy!

It isn't officially august yet but I went ahead and checked my on demand from verizon, and what do you know part one of the shred is there! I know you need three pound weights, but I don't know where in this house I have three pound weights. So I decided to use my 10's. I knew that was going to be rough, but I have kids, and they were happy playing upstairs right at that moment-so I just went for it. (I also have to work this weekend, so figured starting a day early was a good idea, as I probably will not be doing this on sat or sun)

So here is my breakdown for the first day:
Holy shit!
I did ok for the first 5-10 minutes, by the 10 minute mark I was red faced, breathing hard and frustrated. Then my kids came into the living room, got in the way, asked me for stuff, and took my weights-(which freaked me out cause far to heavy for a four year old. ) I got annoyed sent out a tweet that reflected my frustration. The boys magically cleared out of the living room when I stopped exercising, so I snuck back in and finished the video as best as I could.

What I really liked about the video was Jillian, she was encouraging but tough at the same time. And while she was in my living room, (what she doesn't step out of the tv at your house?) I agreed that I wasn't going to get abs doing nothing, so I did a few more. Honestly I think she hypontized me with her rockin bod! The 10 lb weights were way to much, but I have used weights before, so I started the weights each time, and when I knew I was done I put them down and kept doing the exercise.

At this point I am feeling proud that I attempted it even though it was a very poor showing! I am going to do this, although it may take me more than thirty days to get through! I am not holding myself to doing it on workdays, I work 12-16 hour shifts, and I already have to get up at 5 to get to work on time. If I do work the 16 hour shift I usually end up getting to bed around 1am. that is just too many hours to be awake to try to fit in Jillian!

Here we go, jumping on the bandwagon!


Erica said...

I'm amazed that you used 10lb weights at all, no matter how many reps they lasted. I started with 2.5lb weights, and now I can handle the 5lb weights for MOST of the exercises.

Weights aside, you're a rockstar just for starting. Great job!

ALI said...

thanks so much erica! I definately need the support! i'm not what you would call athletic!

Bill/Daddy Is Tired said...

Wow, 10s!

I started with 3s and use 5s regularly. I could probably go to 8 but Target has been out for a while and 5 still feels good.

Great job getting going! Stick with it and you WILL see results... :)

Mrs. Schutt said...

CONGRATS! Welcome to the shredhead community! I just finished Day 30, and remember thinking on Day 1 that I'd NEVER make it! But, I did!!! Keep it up!

you can follow my journey at

kdiddy said...

I did the Shred for a few days this summer but my life makes it difficult to stick with one routine. I'm hoping to do it again tomorrow and whenever I can. high fives to you!

Mary @ The Writer's Block said...

Hey, Ali.

I'm your ShredHead buddy! Woohoo! I just have a few minutes here now. Wanted to drop in and say, "hi." I'll write a longer email later. Sounds as if we are sooooooooooo similar: 2 c-sections, 3 young kids, short (I'm about 5'2"). Looking forward to being your buddy. :)


DavidShag said...

Wow - I admire you - I used my FAR less onerous 8-hour work-days to excuse myself from even cleaning my apartment for 2.5 years, let alone doing exercise of any kind. Now I am retired and have let the apartment go and I am rattling around in my house (happily, you bet) desperate to find ANY valid reason to keep not exercising, altho goodness knows I need it, and well - the time I spend avoiding exercise just wears me out.