Friday, June 27, 2008

a great day for this mommy!

A few weeks ago we finally went out and bought this:

It's a nice stroller, it's sharp looking, and it has a little storage, both under seats and neat little pouches on the back of each seat for stuff like pacifiers, cell phones and keys. Carrying Ben the little piglet in his carseat was just getting to be too much,(he is 9 months an 19 lbs!) and I wanted to be able to go places.

Today we went to a local farmers market and for a really, really long walk through the park. A little longer than I had planned actually. The stroller was great, it was so easy to push, the boys were comfortable. I'm so proud of myself that I did this, (I can do this!), I can just put everyone in the car and we can all enjoy outside and fresh air. It rocked, I'm all jazzed up. Came home and put the kidlets to bed for nap time, took a shower and used my new salt srub(that i picked up at the farmers market) smells like a stick of gum, has oils in it, so my skin feels all smooth and hydrated.

but the best thing today? Cheap gas! there was a radio promotion in our area and after waiting in a line for a half hour i filled up at 1.94 a gallon! normal prices are somwhere between 4.00-4.25 a gallon, all in all a great day!

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CONNIE said...

I know nothing about strollers at all, Ali, but this was a great purchase. I am glad you love it!

Anyways, which local market did u go to? Pls do tell and thanks for visiting my blog.