Thursday, June 19, 2008

still tired, and could use a shower

Will was a little draggy yesterday-but after his three hour nap felt much better, my little neice was fine all day (except for when she bit Will on the back so hard he still has a mark) Ben however felt like sludge all day, he was a little warm, he wanted to be held, he didn't really want to eat.

last night he was up about every hour, and the only way i could get him to sleep was to put him in bed with me (thanking god for the king size bed)
I'm worried about him, because although he is cool today he really didn't eat much at all yesterday or last night.

dave was up all night making bathroom runs also, but so far aside from tired, i'm fine.

highlight of my day so far-the new assitant milkman that i've never met before letting himself into my trashed house (hey i had three kids under three hear yesterday) to bring in my milk while i am in pajama's with my hair standing up and no bra-good times

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