Friday, July 25, 2008

Ali-Rn, super nurse.

Today kicked my ass. I had a group of patients who just needed a lot of care. A guy on a long-term vent, with a g-tube. Another guy who may loose his foot. A lady with a life threatening blood clot, a sick little old lady, and a man with disabilities and a gi bleed. It was a busy day that included four dressing changes, four people on blood sugars every few hours, a vent to moniter, multiple line draws.

On top of that I was charge nurse for 12 hours, and orienting a new nurse for eight hours. Either my boss has faith in me, or he put no thought into it at all, and it's just how it landed.

I stood for about 13 hours straight today, running up and down a hallway. by the time i left my legs from the knees down ached, and my feet where on fire, even in super comfy crocs.

when I got home I of course grabbed my laptop and sat on the couch with my swollen legs up. I always know how hard I really worked, when I try to get up, and start doing a weird stumble thing, cause the legs just don't work.

there is no job like nursing.


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

My goodness, sounds insane! I hope you got some rest over the weekend Ali.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Noticed you twitters, doesn't sound all that relaxing! fun though.

CONNIE said...

What a noble job you have, Ali! Amen to all nurses! You might wanna to soak those aching legs. What about filling the tub with lukewarm water and have a good 30 minute soak....