Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I love to go the ymca. I love meeting with my trainer and spending a whole hour child free. I love to do something just for me. I love that Will gets the chance to play in a new environment with other kids that he now looks forward to seeing. I love that everyone now knows us.

That doesn't mean it's easy getting there. On a good day I start getting ready at 8am, dress the kids, dress myself, pack the bags, feed the baby, change diapers and redress as needed, make the big one go potty, get everyone into the car, arrive for 9am, walk the kids to the nursery, sign them in and then I can go do my thing for an hour because Ben is still a baby and time is determined by age of the kid.

So it's an effort. Just like anything in this world that is worth it. An effort that I have been willing to make when it just effected me.

I've been feeling torn lately because I am a big fan of kids being on a routine (a flexible one) and sleeping when they need to sleep. I'm not judging how other parents need to do things, I just know my kids are happier and my day goes much more smoothly if I stick to nap times and don't run them around too much.

Until now there was no issue, Will takes one nap in the early afternoon, and Ben was an infant, and slept whenever. Now, however Ben wants a two hour nap in the morning and another nap in the afternoon, while Will wants a nap mid-day. It makes it difficult to find a good block of time to be out of the house, and makes me feel incredibly guilty to not let the baby sleep when he needs too. 2 days a week we are at the y when Ben should be sleeping, 2 days a week I work and the schedule is pretty much out the window, and it being summer on weekends there are projects to get done, fundraisers to throw, and family events to attend.

I've seen progress with the work I have done, more shapely waist, more shapely calves, my thighs not spilling over my knees, changes I don't want to lose. Today I had a conversation with my trainer about the timing issue, how I don't want to stop coming, how I don't want to lose what I have accomplished. We are going to try a new later morning time when hopefully Ben will already have napped and before Will naps. We also went over a half hour workout I can do at home with some hand weights and a ball (things I already have) and she wrote it all down for me.

I'm feeling so much better that we have what looks like a workable solution, I thought I was going to have to quit. Now I just need to have the discipline to stick to it!

Speaking of discipline.....a little story
When Will is getting into trouble I start counting in a stern voice, if I get to three and he hasn't corrected his behavior he goes directly to time out. We are working on freshness, talking back, and not listening. When we pulled into the Y parking lot a trainer had a group doing drills in the parking lot. I noticed but wasn't paying much attention. Will watched for a moment and heard the trainer counting as they did their repetitions. He turned to me and said, "who is being fresh mom?"


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

You should be so proud of yourself for making the effort and going and working it around your schedule! Good for you!
I totally know what you mean about the kids schedules/napping etc. My youngest 2 have really needed theirs the last few years, but it sure doesn't make it easy to do anything.
Oh and your blog looks great! The header is a bit fuzzy because the resolution is low. If you can increase it, the 'pixelation' should be reduced.

jeankfl said...

I agree.. you should be proud of yourself for making the effort! Kids can adjust some, so just make it a routine.. And as they get older it will help. Good for you, making plans with the trainer for things to do at home! Site looks good!

Haley-O said...

Good for you with the routine! I'm trying to figure it out myself. So difficult. I really don't know what to do.... All I know is that I need a little time for myself during the day because lately I haven't been getting any and I'm going insane!

Your blog looks fab! :)