Wednesday, July 30, 2008

sick kids and butterflys

Alright bear with me, I'm going to try to write a post that doesn't suck, but I am in the house of sick children, drinking multiple cups of coffee.

I twittered yesterday that my kids had hand foot and mouth, FYI hand foot and mouth is a virus, (you get blisters on your hands feet and in your mouthand a fever) just give tylenol to make them more comfortable and ride it out. Here is a link

I heard yesterday that my nephew had been diagnosed with strep they all spent the day together on friday, so I took them to the pede just be sure, and I was half right, they have strep and hand foot and mouth. It has been rough around here. Noone wants to eat anything or swallow.

On to a better post, before everyone was sick we took the kids to the zoo on Saturday. we saw a butterfly exhibit that was just amazing and I took a few pictures.

We really enjoyed this, it was quiet and serene.

Then a butterfly landed on our double stroller and Ben tried to kill it. Well really he was reaching for a binky on the next seat, but it was a close one.

did you see it? Look under Ben's elbow. Dave was trying to get a shot of the butterfly and Ben reached over for the binky.
Don't worry Dave rescued it from a slobbery death. Then it didn't want to get off of his hand, he had to go ask the attendant for help.

No zoo trip is complete without a stop to see the elephants getting a bath!

We also attended a 40th birthday party saturday night with the kids, started taking the bathroom apart (stripping wallpaper so we can paint) and had friends over with their three year old on sunday. It was a busy weekend and I've had plenty of phone calls to make to warn people their kid might get sick. Good times.


CONNIE said...

I knew you're heading somewhere on Saturday. I just don't want to be a nosy neighbor. Glad to hear you had a great time. The butterfly pics look great. You must be chasing it from flower to flower o^_^o

Sorry to hear about the kids. Hope they're feeling much better soon. Good night.

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Oh no, I hope they get better soon, ick!
And those butterfly photos are so gorgeous!