Thursday, July 24, 2008

if you need another laugh....

My husband usually comes in about 4:30-5pm on wednesdays, and then we throw the kids in the car and go eat dinner with my in-laws. He also usually calls to tell me he is on his way home. So when it got to be 5pm yesterday and he was a no call no show I called him. He was really busy at work and had lost track of time told me to take the kids to his parents and he would meet me there.

Did I mention my kids have been really high needs this week? Like driving me bonkers high needs? well yeah they have been. So I was annoyed he didn't bother to call and warn me I was going on my own, (I've done it a million times before, but yesterday it annoyed me)

I'm trying to get the kids ready and diaper bag packed, Will refuses to come to me to put his shoes on, I tell him to come now, he runs around the corner and yells back at me "you no say that to me!" (toldya he's fresh) but he did it right behind his baby brother and scares the shit out of him. Ben jumps and starts wailing. It was a mess. I finally have both kids ready, put on my backpack diaper bag, pick up Ben, put my purse on my other arm and escort everyone out the front door.

yeah it's never that easy is it?

somehow a little bungy chord thing on the diaper bag got caught in the screen door. I was able to walk about 4 feet away before I realized I was stuck. I feel the pull, turn around and see the stretch black chord stretched as far as it can go. I'm already annoyed and my hands are full. so i do what every sane person does, I start having a tug of war with the door by pulling away from it, that gets me nowhere.
So instead of just walking back to door I start doing this wild up and down side to side dance with the chord still stretched and the door opening and closing as I pull. If anyone had got that on video.....anyway I'm sure I looked like an idiot and of course I did have to just put my purse down, walk backwards to the door and free myself. As I walked to the car though I had a nice bungy chord tail dragging behind me...good times!

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CONNIE said...

Oh, dear, I surely missed that one.
Thanks for another laugh. o^-^o