Saturday, August 23, 2008

I'm not supposed to actually kill him right?

Ok so the other day I decided to get together with a friend of mine who has a little boy the same age as Will. We see them often and the boys get along really well. This day I knew Will had gone to bed late the night before, but he was doing fine, and takes much later naps lately.

We went to a park and hit a childrens place,(kids clothing store) then decided to have lunch at applebees. As the meal went on Will was getting more and more hyper, was having a hard time listening. This is all typical for him when he is tired, my friend was asking us to come back to her house, but Ben hadn't napped all morning and I could tell from Wills behavior that we needed to finish up and head home for nap time.

That was where I went wrong.

I thought he was going to get more cranky, more whiney, I thought that I had time to get him home, I thought he might even fall asleep on the way home.


My kid turned into one of those screaming, thrashing, snot running down his face, hiding under the table kids.

You know when you drag the double stroller out of the restaurant and the baby and the purse and the diaper bag, open the stroller and strap the baby in, and then stop some random young pretty waitress and say "Would you please stay here with my baby so I can get my screaming toddler out of your restaurant" and watch her eyes get wide.....

then you go back in the restaurant to find your friend completely wide-eyed, and she runs as soon as you get back, your child-who-has-never-misbehaved-in-public-before-ever has now taken off his shoes and thrown them and is still under the table screaming, you make a swipe for him and he dives to the other side. You get down on all fours crawl under the table, grab you kid by his bare foot pull him out by that foot, round up his shoes and carry him still screaming and trying to hit you out of the restaurant where the screaming and fighting continue all the way to the carseat, and he refuses to listen behave or do as told (including taking the nap he desperately needs) for oh....... the next four hours.

At one point he sauntered his little butt down the stairs, strolled into the living room, leaned on one hand against the coffee table, and said in his most snotty i'm really a grown up voice "You know mom, I told you in the car I wasn't taking a nap today."

In the end I could not get him to listen, and took away his chocolate milk for "the rest of the day-not even bedtime!" In desperation. His eyes were huge, he had no idea I could do that!

You know when the day was so bad, that you feel like your head split into two and all your brains oozed out cause you sort of have an odd empty headed feeling, and can't put a sentence together anymore?

You know when it's so bad that even when you wake up in the morning, you aren't angry any more, but couldn't really say you actually like that child....

but you get him his chocolate milk, and make sure you sit and cuddle him, and within an hour or so it's all alright, it's all back on track, and he does his three year old best to be sweet and listen....and you still love him, and even like him again?

yeah so we had that day this week....

It's a damn good thing he's cute!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Oh sweet Ali, I am so sorry that you had one of those days. Yikes!
I hope the days since have been better and that you get a break this week.
Thinking of you,

Jean said...

I hate those days.. fortunately they were rare! But with helping to raise, or raising 5 different kids, I had my share. Sorry, but I believed in getting their attention with my palm.. on the seat of their education! Up til they were about 4 that was the only way to get their attention.. Just one swat, usually made a believer out of them, cause I almost never swatted them. They usually only tried the fit out in public once.. LOL Good luck!

CONNIE said...

This is one of those days. Honestly, your kids are well-behaved. I adore them both.

Will looks so cute on this pic.

Have a great day!