Thursday, August 28, 2008


just so everyone knows what all the bitching is about...and to explain the new button immediately to the right, Her bad mother is hosting a bitchfest over the long weekend. So I've decided to participate and loan out my blog for a fellow bitcher.

What this is about really is you know how sometimes you just have stuff you would like to say, to unload, to get off your chest, but you don't dare post it on your own blog because people from your real life read it, or the content just doesn't fit your blog or your audience? For this purpose then a bitchfest. It's not an exchange, so I will not be posting on the blog of the person who posts here, I'm assigned to someone else. If you want to see what I have to bitch about email me and I"ll be happy to tell you where-except if you are a direct relation to me, then you are on your own!

check it out here:

1 comment:

Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Fun! I am sure I could get really bitchy in secret!
And of course I want to read your bitchin'!