Friday, May 23, 2008

...and then I dropped my kid (again)

I was telling my trainer some stories at the gym the other day and she asked if I had blogged them, it never occured to me to blog them so here they are.

I'm really clumsy, I'm constantly banging myself on things, walking into things, stumbling or falling down. unfortunately if your mom is clumsy and she is carrying you there is bound to be some fallout. So I can count a total of four times that I have fallen while carrying Will. (Don't worry he's ok)

The first and second times were not my fault!
When Will was an infant I was carrying him in his carseat into my sister-in-laws house. I didn't know there was a hole in the ground and of course I stepped right in it. We both fell but he was strapped into his seat and it rolled over upside down. I held my breath as I rolled the seat back over to find a confused but perfectly fine baby staring back at me. At this point people are running out of the house screaming "are you guys ok!?"

When Will was older ( I don't remember how old he was but something like 1 1/2-2)
I was carrying him into my mothers house so she could watch him while I had to work. It was something like 6am, still dark out(really dark actually) and pouring rain so I was hurrying. I still am not sure exactly what happened, but my feet completely just went out from under me and I fell on top of Will-we were both soaked, he was really crying and I was so scared I had hurt him that I was shaking. Again he was fine, just scared. and I left for work very wet that day.

One morning I was carrying Will down the stairs because he wanted to say bye to his daddy. Dave was pulling out of the driveway and I was trying to hurry to get to the door. Our front door is at the bottom of our stairs so as I went to step onto the last stair I turned sideways to grab the front door knob, and missed the stair completely. My foot landed on nothing and we fell sideways like a tree-tiiimmmbbeerrrrr!!!! I hit the floor and my head on the baseboard heat, Will landed on me but I saw the top of his head hit the wall. I was a little stunned that time so it was taking me a second to figure out what happened. Will hopped right up though and said "mommy are you ok?" at that point I sat up and told him I was fine, and he started crying.

The fourth time was last week. Will had a bug bite on the back of his neck that he kept picking at, and it got very red and swollen, so I decided to bring him to the pede's office to get it checked out. As I'm trying to get his shoes on so we can get in the car he is refusing to cooperate and doing that limp body thing. I picked him up and was in mid-swing to sit him on the coffee table when my ankle rolled and I started to fall. I tried to bring him closer to the floor, but I had to let him go, (I felt guilty about this after-what kind of mothering instinct is this? Throwing your kid into the air to land on the floor, but when I thought about it-I had to let him go because my only other choice was to slam him into the floor with me. ) I watched him fly and land, he's laying on the floor understandably upset-I've just twisted my ankle so I can't get up yet, so I grabbed him by his foot and pulled him to me so I could pick him up. Again he was fine in a few seconds, I however limped around for two days. Here is the worst part the doctors office a little bit later she is looking at his neck and starts looking at the area around the bite, and pointing to the back of his head says what's this? I look and see a red bump. I have no choice but tell this woman "yeah..umm... that just happened. We both fell before we left the house, I twisted my ankle" She stops looks at me and says "ok" and goes back to what we are doing.

yeah-I frequently leave marks on my children right before I take them to the doctor!

so don't you just want to be my kid? Maybe I should just have them wear helmets if I'm gonna pick them up?


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Teehee! I feel for you though (even while I giggle)I tend to be clumsy too. I once broke my foot while trying to discipline my son. I reached for him as I chased him down the hall, stepped on the side of my foot weird and that was it. Broken. Poor kid, he thought it was his fault cuz he was being naughty.
Hope you are all fine now!

Daisy said...

Oh, motherhood. Klutzy mothers unite! It's not our fault, really. :)

Mocha said...

It's an awful feeling at the time and then again when your husband brings it up: Remember that time you tripped up the steps to the front door and knocked your head and the baby's head on the door?

Then, that former baby who is now 16 yells, "WHAT???"

Those are fun times.