Wednesday, May 7, 2008

random stuff..

I know I keep disappearing, and I don't mean to honest! everyday just flies by lately before I know it we are climbing back in bed-admittedly my favorite part of the day, I love my new bed! ohhh yeah i promised pictures, excuse me while i go take some!
ok here they are:

we just bought the bedspread last weekend, that bed is soooo comfy!

my bureau, complete with flash!

dave's bureau

wills big boy bed and bureau

ok that's enough show and tell!

I entered Ben into a local radio contest, you can go here to see the picture and vote if you want to

how about some will-isms?
the other day I surprised him when I came around a corner, he said "why you square me mom?"

last night he told me he was going to "grow up a fireman"

if anything happened in the past it happened last night-"mom rebumbra last night..."

I have to clean my house-it's starting to get out of control again and I was just getting somewhere! I should take a picture of my folded socks in my draw, that's a miracle! On that note laundry to do.

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Beautiful furniture! Sounds like you are getting on top of things really well, go you!