Monday, May 19, 2008


probably should not be blogging this but....too funny not to share.

hubby has always been the person to tend to ummmm, hair in places that needed tending. I shave my own legs and pitts, but you know i'm not letting just anyone down there!
(personal beliefs-i'm not a little girl and have no desire to look like one, but still, needs some tending) this has been going on for years,and we have tried just about every hair removal option there is. i know it's weird, most peoples significant others are not involved in maintance, but it's my marriage, and we'll do things our way, thankyouverymuch!

tonight though...revenge! hubby has been bothered by the sudden increase in back and shoulder hair.(what can i say he's 30!) he has been nagging me to get a wax kit so we could take care of it. for the record, it didn't really bother me, guys are supposed to be hairy, and i love my guy hair or no hair. i told him this too. but it bothered him so i bought the kit (nads hair removal strips) and went to town.

his back looks much better-although redder, and i'm ashamed to admit that i giggled through the whole thing, while he snipped back at me," i'm glad you find this funny", and "you're sadistic."
i sweetly reminded him this was entirely his idea....

we are going to bed now, but i'm still giggling to myself-i've been waxing stuff for years-brow, lip, down below-now he knows what i go through so i can look girly for him!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

That is sweet revenge!
My dh does that kind of hair care for me while I am preggo too. hard to get where you can't see:)