Monday, May 12, 2008


ok so today so far will has said that his poops came out of his "crumper" what in the heck is a crumper? and no noone around here uses the crapper word...

just now he told me the dog has donuts on the we don't even eat donuts!

and since we are on a bizarre post, here is a few things that have happened at work lately:

i was holding a urinal for a patient, and things were going ...ummm as expected, until he was done peeing and gave an extra little squeeze, and i watched as a stream shot over the urinal and up my arm......good times... that's a first.

a nurse was traveling (to another part of the hospital) with her patient to a test, she was required to travel with him as he needed to stay on a heart moniter. she approached me as they were about to leave with a safety pin in her hand and said "you'll love this!" she then told me her bra clasp had broken, and it hooked in the front! she then left the floor safety pin in hand.

the phone rings and the secretary answers it, it is a woman whispering into the phone that she is on the fourth floor and they won't let her out, and then why are they keeping me here? after a few confused questions the secretary realizes that she is talking to a woman from our floor, who's room is about 15 feet from where she is sitting. she tells the patient she is on the first floor and she will send her nurse in, this patient is very confused and keeps trying to leave her room, due to her illness she needs to stay in it but of course cannot understand or remember this, so we constantly are sending her back to her room. when the nurse is told her patient called, her only answer is "great, now she learned how to use the phone" as she walks away.

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

K, I love the nurse's comment about the phone, too funny.
And the pee on the arm thing? ew! poor you! I often thought about nursing as a career, but really? getting peed on? I am not sure I am made of the right stuff for that. You rock girl, I bet you didn't even smack him!

Don't kids say the weirdest stuff? cuties.