Saturday, May 17, 2008

nosey neighbors (where i get to be the nosey neighbor)

This evening we were talking over the fence with our neighbors, these are good friends of ours. while we were talking their tenent came over ( they rent the first floor of their home) and told us that the man who owned the house next to them had a family of squirrels in his roof and had covered the hole this afternoon trapping 3 babies inside. She had been watching the mother squirrel and one of the babies go back and forth all afternoon trying to get back inside. We all talked about how awful this was, but noone was willing to say anything to him.

I thought about it and decided that maybe a little peer pressure would convince him to fix the situation. I went up to the door i took ben and my neighbors teenage sons came with me. ( I thought the tenent was there too until I turned around and saw she went hiding in her apartment. )

you wouldn't kill a lady with a really cute baby would you?

I knocked on the door and very nicely told the man who I was, that maybe he wasn't aware that when he covered the hole he trapped some of the baby squirrels inside, that I understood that he didn't want squirrels in his house, that I didn't want them in mine either, and that my husband would be able to help him if he wanted help to get them out, that we had ladders and lots of gloves. He told me that this was an uncomfortable conversation to have about squirrels, that he didn't think their were any more in there when he covered it, he had listened and hadn't heard anything. I explained some of the other neighbors had noticed the mother going crazy trying to get to them. I also threw in there that I obviously was a bleeding heart(-and he readily agreed), that I had a soft spot for babies since I had a couple.

I told him I didn't want to keep him, again offered our help, and walked back up to our neighbors house.

As far as I can tell I have done absolutely no good and could possibly have pissed off a neighbor,

but i had to try.

would you have said anything?

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Yes! Yes! absolutely yes! and I can't believed the neighbour girl bailed on you.