Tuesday, February 12, 2008

bedtime tonight

scene-bedtime tonight, rocking in the glider rocker and singing

i chose this old man because it uses numbers and i'm really tired of frere jacques the current fav.

he has parts that are his and he knows them, i sing "this old man he plays.." and hold up one finger, Will says "one!" i sing "he played knick-knack on my..." and hold up a thumb, he says "thumb!" i get as far as two when he interrupts me. "i know mom...sing about a truck!" I don't know any truck songs so i adapt wheels on the bus, i start to sing, and he interrupts again to tell me that he wants me to sing the horn goes beep, beep, beep. as i'm singing that he interupts again to tell me he wants me to sing about a fire truck, i again adapt wheels on the bus, as i try to sing about the siren he interrupts again to tell me about the horn going beep beep beep.

i give up!

i switch back to "this old man he played three..."
he interupts to tell me he doesn't have a bone
i get as far as "this old man, he played seven, he played knick knack up to heaven"
he turns to me and says "who"
i said "who what?"
he says (arms open wide now, palms up) "WHO!"
this is starting to feel like a bad who's on first routine.
i said "who what? What are you talking about?" "do you mean what is heaven?"
he says "yeah!"
i tell him heaven is up in the sky and that is where god lives.
he says "God?"
yeah remember i told you god lives up in the sky and takes care of us?
he says "oh yeah " I tell him god sent the snow that is falling right now.
He starts talking about going outside tomorrow to build a snowman

i get through the rest of the song, he asks for the barney song, i mix up the words(wasn't paying attention) and get a knick knack padywack in there, he giggles. "thats not the words mom!"

he finally settles down and goes to sleep

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

We went through a similar bedtime last night. Both little ones wanting certain songs, certain ways, no..noo.. this way..no..no..
Good thing they are so cute!