Thursday, February 14, 2008

overheard at my house

will has been spending a lot of time playing with water lately. every time i turn around he is in the bathroom trying to fill one of his little cups from his play kitchen, or fooling around in the dog water. yesterday morning i heard him playing near the dog bowls so i told him to stop it as i walked over to him. when i got there he stood up, and said

"BUT MOM....It's hot in the desert!"

apparently he wasn't playing in the dog water-he was filling his canteen!
today we had a some friends over to play, as we often have before the kids went up to will's room to play while the adults stayed downstairs with the babies. when it was time for them to leave we called them downstairs.
my son apparently had climbed up on top of the toilet and gotten on the bathroom sink, he opened the cupboard got out the bath crayons (that i keep up there so he won't get into them) then he colored all over the light yellow walls every twelve inches all the way down the hallway and down the stairs, and a little in his room. it came right off-love those clorox wipes-but geez that kid!

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