Wednesday, February 27, 2008

get real time update

ok here is the thing....i mean well.

as far at the get healthy plan: eating is better, but not great-i'm trying to make sure i eat 3 meals a day instead of snacking all day on whatever junk is around, but not ever actually eating real food. i'm trying to make better food choices-we went out for dinner last night and i had talapia with rice and broccoli and it was sooo goood! (chili's firecracker talapia if anyone wants to know) just getting in more veggies and less crap in general.

with the exercise plan-the days i go to the trainer it is going really well. i'm noticing small things like pants fitting a little better ( i wouldn't say they fit, but i can get them on, that's good right?)

my 30 lb kid is feeling lighter when i pick him up, when i carry him up the stairs i'm not panting.

but i cannot get in the cardio! i mean well, i want to, it's great i'm getting stronger but i would like to see some results-like a trimmer me would be nice, that isn't going to happen without cardio.

so since i'm making this transformation a public one, here are my road blocks:

1a) my kids-i know that is obvious, but as all mom's know if you make a plan they are going to ruin it. i tried to exercise with will, because when he is napping just happens to be when i am the most tired in the whole day, i picked a family exercise video, thinking he would find it interesting if kids where in it. well he did, but he just doesn't have that kind of attention span or ability to follow direction, i'm trying to high kick, he's trying to get in front of me and get kicked...i'm trying to do a push up, he's trying to crawl under me or up my back, i'm trying to lunge, he puts his body in front of me. so that doesn't work.

my kids part b) i could just get in some cardio at the gym right? i mean i go there twice a week already, it makes sense, and i would love too, but the ymca's policy is you can only leave a kid under a year for an hour, so by the time i finish with my trainer, that's the hour. time to get my kids and go home. my mom is talking about meeting me there so i can have an extra half hour-she'll sit with the kids, but so far that hasn't happened since she had her own obligations.

my kids parts c) i could just go to gym more days a week, but between the days we go and the days i work they really need some quiet at home days in between-i mean otherwise will is horrible, cranky, throws temper tantrums, kick, hits that boy needs down time.

my kids d-z) they need feeding, changing, potty training, the baby is teething, napping, book reading, they make huge get the idea. oh and the day starts sometime between 4-5 am for me cause the baby wakes up to eat, goes back to sleep and then will is up for the day, so getting up before them is NOT an option!

Pic of my hubby (center) brother and father-in-law when they did the vinyl siding-it now has colonial blue shutters and front door, flag pole and lantern-style front light

2)my household responsibilities- i have to clean it, pay the bills, do the dishes, do the laundry, pick up the toys rinse, lather, repeat...just like every other mom out there!

3)my jobs- i do not work as often as many, many other people out there, but when i do it kills an entire day- i leave at 6:30 am and come home sometime between 8-9pm, if i pick up shifts at the per Diem hospital i work 3-11pm, so i get to bed between 1-2am, then the kids get me up between 4-6am.

so these are things constantly getting in my way, when spring comes i want to get outside with them, but since cold, wet, frozen or muddy are the best descriptors for the weather that just isn't going to happen yet.

any suggestions? besides a maid, and a nanny? i cannot have gym equipment here because we are just plain out of room.

this post is not meant to be complaining, just me laying it all out there in writing so i can figure out some solutions! where there is a will there is a way! it may not work out the way i want it to each week, but that doesn't mean i'm going to stop trying. as a matter of fact, i'm buying some more sessions with the trainer tomorrow cause we have some money coming in, and i plan on purchasing 15 sessions which will get my butt out of bed and to gym for another 9 weeks!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Such a tough thing hey? When I had 2 kids I used to go to the gym at least 3 days a week, but my cardio often got left out.
I did learn to do my weight training really quickly, like under 45 mins and then get in 15 minutes of cardio while I was there. It is so much easier when the snow is gone because you can throw them in the stroller and go.
One thing I do now is throw on some 'crazy' music and dance around the house with the kids or do my housework at double time. I also run up and down the stairs (more difficult with little kid clinging to legs, but...)
Good luck to you on this journey, it is never easy, but so worth it.