Thursday, February 28, 2008

my amazing boys!

The Parent Bloggers network is having a blog blast that ends today, the topic is your child's strengths. I guess I'll do this one kid at a time!

William is almost three, he is a smart, funny child, who is very sure of himself. He knows what he wants and how to get it! When he was a year old, before he knew any words he had an entire language that consisted of grunting and pointing. He wasn't saying words but we all knew exactly what he wanted. He is an excellent communicator, and has no problems getting his point across. He has a good vocabulary, and he is using more complex words every day. This week he has been asking his daddy and I if we "rebumbra" things that happened earlier in the week.

He is very independent, and is very good at keeping himself occupied. He has an amazing imagination, and a good part of every day is playing with his cars and trucks (usually) deep in his own thoughts, complete with sound effects. He loves to do art projects, run around going "super fast". He is a natrual born leader and is pretty sure he is right most of the time ( but so does his daddy) He is good with his hands and watches everything we do, we often hear "I do it myshelf"

he can take things apart, and knows when he is in over his head to yell for help.

He is a loving child who wants to cuddle and be silly with his mommy and daddy, and to cuddle up to his baby brother. He loves his brother, is always looking out for him, and has been known when playing to look up and see Ben watching him and then bring him a toy.

This child is someone who could be very successful at whatever he put his mind too, but needs constant reminders that he isn't always in charge, and doesn't always get a say. The flip side off all these positives is that he is a very self directed child who is sure he is always right and can be demanding. It's my job to "rebumbra" the positive side of those traits and redirect him.

Ben is 5 months old, and there is a lot that remains to be learned about this guy. What I know already is he is a very content child, he only cries when something is wrong, most of the time he is happy just be nearby and watching everything going on around him. He is a sweet, smiley ,lovey, cuddly baby and so not the same as his brother was at this age! He loves to be bounced and sung too, and he gives you this amazing smile that starts in his eyes-they positively sparkle- and ends at his lips. He is not a fan of teething-none yet but all the signs are there!

He adores his big brother and I often see the two of them laughing together over some little thing! I can't wait to see what else he has to show me!

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Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Sounds like you know your wonderful little boys very well. Isn't it amazing to watch their little personalities develop and get to know them?
Gorgeous photos, so sweet.