Monday, February 18, 2008

is it monday already/enter my contest!

what a weekend! friday we had a big family birthday party, which was a blast! saturday i worked 7-3 then a friend filled in for me so we could take will to see go diego live! it was so fun to see him clap and yell along with the show! we met my brother there with his family, so the cousins got to see each other twice this weekend. I worked 7-7 yesterday but ended staying until 10pm because the nurse that replaced me had a personal issue to deal with.

so i'm tired-i got to bed at midnight, ben woke up again at 3:30 to eat, the dog made a bunch of noise when i ran downstairs to get a bottle, Will woke up and has been awake ever since. I cannot wait until nap time! me and ben are going back to bed!

a few funny things will has said this morning:

the yinnow(window) is broken, i fix it! Bang, bang(pretending to hammer) screw,screw. all fixed, good as new! what do you think mom? -I swear that is direct quote, i have no idea if he meant to rhyme

and he told me-"daddy fixed the dingbell (doorbell), i hear it ding! ding! in my ear. "

in other news my contest(to win a chlildrens book) is supposed to be ending tomorrow-so far the one person who entered is going to be the winner-not much of a contest-so scroll down and leave a comment on my post-i'm thinking i'm going to extend it until friday.

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Haley-O said...

the YINNOW!! That's ADORABLE!!!!!