Wednesday, October 3, 2007

boys will drive a mama crazy!

when at 10:30 in the morning you call your husband and ask-"how important to you is it that you still have a 2 year old when you come home?" he laughed and said "important why?"

he's driving me crazy, i'm tired, i have a baby i have to take care of, never mind basic stuff like feeding and diaper changing and clothing and keeping safe the one who can walk and talk, but apparently not listen or do as told!

just as a highlight, so far today he has taken off his diaper and pooped on the floor, accidently spilled the dog water all over the place, dumped out all his toys three seperate times, and is clinging to me like crazy.

on the other hand he is adorable with his brother, keeps asking to hold him and telling me to get the camera! that makes me laugh. everytime the baby cries he runs to him and tells me to pick up his baby, and the-boy-who-does-not-share took me going to the bathroom as an opportunity to completely cover his baby with toys, as in couldn't see the baby.
brothers! it's a good thing they are cute!

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