Friday, October 19, 2007

shaken not stirred-with a splash of detergent

so i've been really busy with the house and kids, actually right now i'm watching someone elses crawling 10 month old and cooking dinner (yup in the morning, gotta do what you gotta do)

i haven't been able to look at as many labels as i would have liked. most household items say stuff like don't inhale, swallow, rub in eyes or puncture. the single most popular is keep out of reach of children, but this one i found interesting:

did you see that last line? it says "do not reuse this package for dispensing beverages or other liquids" maybe it's just me but how often are you going to fill your laundry soap bottle with a beverage? did this actually happen? i don't know about you but i prefer my lemonade without the after taste of tide!

oh and loving my new haircut! what do you think?

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Daisy said...

Let's see...I've reused a detergent bottle for, well, roto-rooter plumbing fluid, but that's not a beverage. Oh, well, I tried.

Patois said...

That one is a doozy, I think.

Jean said...

YUK! Howdy! Sorry, I lost your link.. I finally went back and found it.. had to read back! I love the new haircut. I've used tide bottles for other stuff, but not drinks! The boys sure look big.. sounds like having the new baby is making Wills do more, and talk more. You look a little tired, but good overall! Especially for the mom of a two year old and 4 week old!LOL Glad you're doing well, and hopefully you'll get done with the remodeling and get settled.

Davidjohn said...

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