Saturday, October 20, 2007

fish food

today while everyone was out of the house the evil golden retriever somehow knocked the laptop off of the coffee table and onto the floor. it has met it's final demise. it was a laptop we had bought second hand that always had battery charging issues-the battery would not hold a charge. we always used it plugged in, but then the place the cord plugged into the computer did not make a great connection and we always had to position it just so. this worked for two years, we did have to have it fixed once in that time. well with the fall today it no longer made any connection with the power cord so we bit the bullet and bought a new one. a shiny new pretty one that you can actually use on your lap, and has cool features like a video camera built into the screen with a speaker, and a place i can insert my camera card to download pictures.

i think this new peice of equipment and i will be bff's-at least until it is replaced someday with a newer shinier model, but for now i just like touching it! it really is amazing how much the price of a laptop has fallen since the last time we priced them out, and boy am i glad!

we went to several stores to figure out what we wanted and one had a petsmart (pets-mart?, pet-smart?) next door so we wandered in so will could blow off a little steam and look at the fish and birds. we now own a male beta fish. it was my idea. i don't even like fish. we spent 12.00 on wills new pet-including food and plastic little aquarium thing. at least it's a cheap pet right? it now lives on my kitchen counter, but the best part is when we asked will what he wanted to name it he said (and i'm totally not kidding here) FOOD! so if anyone asks we have a fish named food....i don't know cracks me up though. tomorrow i'll post a picture of fish food for you.

also making huge progress in the decorating of will's new room-may be able to move him in tomorrow or monday, looks great and i'll post pics when it is all done.

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NocturnalRN said...

Thanks for letting me know you read my blog. It is sort of a way to vent. If I try to tell my other friends who aren't nurses, they just don't fullt understand. Congrats on the baby, new computer and FOOD:) Take care!