Friday, October 26, 2007

i'm required to feed him so...

i started this mom business two years ago adamant that my son not be like my husband. my husband will eat some veggies, but only certain foods qualify as meals, only certain veggies, and meat and potatoes thank you very much! he will not eat sushi, or soups, or anything a little out of the ordinary.

my goal when will was born was to expose to many different foods, so when i eat something different so does he, as a baby i had him eating avocado, veggie sushi, seaweed and rice, broccoli, etc. he didn't love everything, but he ate it because it was normal.

as time has gone by though he eats less and less, he will try new foods but most things are met with a yuck-followed by a spit out! he is not a child that will only eat three things---he is a child who doesn't eat. i have seen whole days go by with only a few bites making it past his lips, and usually it's something like goldfish! he will try what is in front of him if he feels like eating, but plenty of meals he doesn't even touch.

he isn't predictable either-what he loves one day he won't touch the next, so i resort to putting food in front of him several times a day, if he eats, he eats...(we won't be discussing how much food i throw away when he doesn't) i also give him carnation instant breakfast in his milk when he isn't eating well. calories have to come from somewhere right?

in this day and age of childhood obesity, and since will comes from two families with weight issues my focus has shifted. my new goals are 1) that he eat something 2)that he be allowed to stop eating when he is done 3) that he be served the same thing his dad and i have on our
plates. my working theory is if he is hungry he will eat what is in front of him, and i want him to learn to not over eat. (that i won't cook more than one meal at a time is purely for me.)

i hope as he grows he will not be a picky eater, he will try new things and he develops internal controls to avoid overeating..that would be a start!

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michelle said...

I always tell my family that I am not a short order cook...

It is hard to avoid power struggles at the table, but we can never force a kid to eat. That is one place where kids can actually have a little control in their lives for a change - they can decide what does or doesn’t go into their mouths. The best thing we can do is to keep giving them healthy options and eventually they will make the right choice.

On my blog, I have been talking about this book, and its rival, The Sneaky Chef. I love that they offer good information about the nutrient content of certain ingredients and that they offer healthier alternatives to many other “typical kid foods.” But I don’t like that they are advocating dishonesty.

Check out the article ( and see some of the discussion about balancing the act of getting our kids to eat well with being honest.