Saturday, October 27, 2007

breastfeeding antecedents

just a few random thoughts about breastfeeding:

1) this baby is entirely different than the last-i know big surprise right? Will took to breastfeeding easily and after the initial nipple soreness we had no further problems.
Ben from day one fights to get to the boob, pulls off, gets back on, pulls off, eventually he settles down and nurses but he could suck the wrinkles off of an elephant!

2) after the initial nipple soreness with Ben i though we were good, but for a little over a week now it is back with a vengence! to the point where i dread feeding him. at this point i'm feeding on one side at a feeding to give the other side time to rest. and i have cracks all around the nipple it's as if he is trying to suck my nipples off my body. i thought i could wait this out and stuff would just toughen up but now i'm not so sure, and if this doesn't resolve i don't know how long i can keep it up.

3) on the lighter side-Will thinks he can feed Ben by putting his finger (he says funger) in Ben's mouth-he tells me "ben drinkin' " hey i put a body part in the kids mouth and he doesn't see anything happen, and Ben will latch on to pretty much anything!

4)when i was getting Will out of the car the other night he asked if he could nurse, i told him no that he was a big boy now but when he was a baby he ate that way too. so far he seems ok with that

5) Will knows if i'm feeding Ben it's a good time to get into trouble! (mommy can't chase me!)

6) i haven't pumped in front of will, mostly because i don't want to explain it!

any tips on the cracked nipples-how does that ever heal if your getting sucked on every two hours again?

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Haley-O said...

Have you tried Lansinoh? Not sure if that's the spelling. You can get it at any drugstore in the baby section. I used it when I was nursing the monkey. ALSO! My pediatrician AND the nurses at the hospital suggested air and the milk itself is the best balm for cracked nips. just squeeze some milk out and spread it on the nipple, and let it air dry. Otherwise, try lansinoh. It's just pure lanolin. It's great for the crackage. :)My little monkey is a restless and avid sucker, too.... And, very LOUD!