Tuesday, October 30, 2007

honest blogging

can i just say this second kid thing has made my blogging a little more ummmm "honest". i always kept my other blog a little lighter-silly kid stories, work stories that kind of thing-but i don't have any work stories due to maternity leave, and i'm tired and getting my butt kicked by two small kids-guess that ups the real factor.

i mention this because all this breastfeeding stuff i've been posting about, i'm hoping people either understand that this is just what's going on in my life right now and indulge me, or like to know intimate details of my life! it may not always be fascinating but bear with me!

last week i went to yoga with my sister in law, it was amazing, i felt like me again, not ali the mommy, ali the person who used to love yoga. i was going to go this morning but we just did not have enough time, i think i might try to go tonight. oh and after two c-sections i can safely say i have no abdominal muscles to speak of, i would try to do a pose and just not be able too, clearly i need more yoga!

oh and i'm going to do noblo this year-has anyone seen a link for that yet? i almost made it last year, this year i will do it!

alright i must clean my house and i think the baby wants to eat again!

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