Wednesday, January 30, 2008

and then I used my mommy voice.....

The other day I had to take the boys to the pede's office for Ben's 4 month check up. I usually pay my copay and schedule my follow up appt's (for well visits) on the way in...the office is usually quiet and then I can just take my kids directly to the car when they are antsy at the end of the visit. This particular day I was unable to do that because the secretary was very busy on the phone. On the way out Will walks directly to the door as we usually do, but I was stopping at the desk.

Now this is something I take issue with, why in the world would a pede's office have this style doorknob on an outside door? that goes to the parking lot.

Is it only my kid that can reach this knob and easily open it? It just doesn't seem very well thought out.

Anyway Will makes a bee line for the door, has it open, and is partially out of it, while I am carrying my purse, the diaper bag, my coat, Wills little backpack of toys, and my 14lb baby in his carrier (screaming bloody murder cause he just had three shots). There was no way I was going to reach this kid in enough time to stop him, so in my sternest mommy voice I yelled over the now packed waiting room, "William David, stop now", it worked, he stopped, I told him to come back and he did.

Now here is the funny part, the entire waiting room stops talking, all eyes are on me, you can see everyone is a little shocked. uncomfortable silence........I turn back to the secretary and say "I'm sorry for the yelling", she says, "that's ok, you got his attention." I pay my copay, make my appointment, and calmly but quickly walk my kids out of there....

always fun to be the mommy!

hopefully I didn't scar them for life!


Mighty Morphin' Mama said...

Who? the other patients?
Too funny! I am just glad that he listened to you. You have my empathy, I hate taking them all to the doc, it is craziness.

Jeankfl said...

No one should have had a problem with that. I think everyone just squirms when anyone uses a "mommy voice"! lol You did what you have to do.. and you'll have to do it again, sometime!